Provenance placeholder

A tamper-proof, timestamped, publicly traceable information ledger that is suitable for establishing an unalterable digital provenance tracking system. The stored information is reliable and transparent, while the risk of system failure is prevented.

Improved market liquidity

A platform, where no trade and issuing commission fees are applied, the provenance of each collectible is fully transparent, collectibles’ issuing and delisting processes are simple, and mobility of the asset value in the digital reality is maximized.

Divisibility placeholder__

Through authentication of the collectibles on Blockchain, the owners of the collectibles are able to issue tokens representing their ownership rights on ZenDao platform. The full ownership or even the small fraction of it can be sold to the market while the asset itself stays with the custodian. This allows broader number of investors to participate and reduces the transaction costs.

Capital appreciation __

As ZenDao improves the liquidity of the market and the provenance tracking system increases the value of the assets, a more stable capital appreciation is enjoyed by the increased number of investors.

ZenDao, a platform developed on Metaverse, utilizes the solutions provided by the Blockchain technology in order to create a digital representation of the real-world collectibles on Blockchain and to establish an unalterable digital provenance and ownership transfer channel.

Blockchain features


The data on Blockchain is distributed and stored by the whole network nodes. There are no centralized management bodies. By applying this mechanism the immunity to the data fraud and single point of failure is provided as well as the reliability of the data storage is achieved.

Peer-to-peer networking

The peer-to-peer networking on Blockchain solves the privacy related problems common to the traditional centralized trade systems. With the P2P network, the privacy is secured for the parties and misuse of the private information by the unauthorized parties is prevented.

Intelligent trading

With ZenDao platform each collectible can easily be converted into the digital tokens on Blockchain. Every single entry is secured in real-time and is non-reversible on Blockchain. Based on the smart script mechanism applied within ZenDao the benefits of the involved parties are ensured by the decentralized system instead of the traditional structure that involves reliance on the intermediaries.

CDP authentication

A method used to identify the real objects with digital signature.

Smart script secured trade (SSST)

Enables reversibility of a trade based on a pre-programmed smart contract.

Initial collectible token offering (ICTO)

By integrating a decentralized auction mechanism, the token issuers may offer tokens representing the collectibles to the buyers at a price commonly agreed by the market.

Smart monetary mechanism

The build-in decentralized inflation mechanism that is used to balance the economic value of the assets and the value of the token supply.