ICO Countdown


ICO Details

ZenDao ICO has a soft cap of 10,000BTC, and a hard cap of 25,000BTC The distributed token amount depends on total fund raised, for instance, if the ICO raised 10,000 BTC, token amount distributed in ICO will be 390,000,000. Below is the table of token price:

June 26th - 27th 39000 4759 80
June 28th - 30th 34125 4164 70
July 1th - July 4th 30333 3701 62
July 5th - 10th 27300 3331 56

How to contribute with ZenDao ICO

1 Visit the official web-page of ZenDao

2 Go to “Participate ICO” section

3 Select contribution Token (BTC, ETH, ETP) and input verification code

4 Record seed provided and confirm

5 Use your own wallet (recommended) or simply withdraw from exchange to the contribute address

Ways to participate in ZenDao ICO

The interested individuals can participate in ZenDao ICO through ZenDao official webpage (please, follow the tutorial for the details), or by investing though the further outlined partner platforms:

Notice: each of the listed platforms has its own set of rules for user registration and accepts different cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH or ETP), therefore make sure you are familiar with those rules prior to ZenDao ICO opening date.

Recommended to know

Before and during ZenDao ICO campaign, you might need to consider following:

When participating through any of the platforms (including the official web-page) make sure that you have stored the sufficient amount of the cryptocurrency with which you are participating in the ICO campaign in advance to the ICO opening date. This would allow you to invest in ICO without any unexpected delays

When participating through ZenDao official web-page, no prior registration on the web-page is required;

Please, make sure that you do not expose the seed (the certain number of words in specific order generated for you during the investing process in ICO) to unauthorized individuals. It is recommended that you write down your recovery seed and store it securely.

How to receive ZDCs after ICO

1 Visit the official web-page of ZenDao

2 Go to “Collect ZDCs” section

3 Identify yourself by inputting the seed that was generated for you during the moment of investing in ZDCs;

4 Input the address on which you want to receive your ZDCs. Note that you can input:
· Metaverse wallet address, that you have already generated yourself;
· The deposit address with any exchange that has listed ZDC tokens for trading;
· If you do not have Metaverse wallet at the moment of collecting ZDCs, ZenDao can generate the Metaverse wallet for you.